It was such a pleasure to work with Julie.  She took the time to consider every detail and answer every question we had so that she could develop the best plan for us.  We feel at ease knowing that a plan is in place for our children should something unexpected happen to us. -Erica and Jason R.

From our very first meeting it was clear to me that Julie is a genuine and compassionate person. Her office and staff are very welcoming and accommodating, even to my young children! She took the time to explain all that she has to offer and how it would benefit my family today and in the future. Once we got started on our estate plan, the communication and process was clear and easy to understand.

Now that our estate plan is complete, my husband and I feel at peace. We feel confident that our children would be taken care of in the best way possible if the unthinkable happened. We know that we will be leaving a legacy and not a headache for our family when our time on earth is through.

               -Christine and Ronald D.

I met Julie in my hometown and Bill and I just instantly had that connection with her. We knew that she would do everything that we asked and would take it with sensitivity with drawing up our will and trust, because that is difficult for a client to set up. We really appreciated that.

Bill and I both feel great pride in taking that step in our life and making sure that our children are going to be secure with our assets. The company walked us through all the avenues that we needed to go and we just feel completed now that our plan is finished. My elderly grandpa had first encouraged me to look into a plan, and after meeting with Julie, I felt completely sure and complete.

               -Billy and Kelly D.

Julie knew what she was doing and she gave me confidence.  The process was smooth and I enjoyed working with her and the entire team. I thought the process would be long and difficult, but it wasn’t.

Now that my plan is complete I have a wonderful feeling of peace of mind.  I know that Julie will be there for me if things change or I need a lawyer to help with my estate plans in the future.  I strongly recommend her.  I think you’ll be glad if you get your planning done with her!

               -Luann O.

Julie Richardson at Legal Pathways explained in very understandable language each element needed for an Estate Plan and the options available.  She was very welcoming of questions.  After our initial meeting, she created a complete Estate Plan for us that is exactly what we needed.

Our second meeting to review and sign the documents was done very efficiently.  In addition to the original printed documents, Julie also provided us with an electronic copy. We were also given the completed papers needed to transfer property ownership.

Our experience was completely positive and we whole heartedly recommend Julie Richardson at Legal Pathways for Estate Planning services.

-Barbara and Gary D.

Like most people I’ve been procrastinating about end of life issues and one day I was listening to Julie being interviewed on the Trevor Carey show.  I liked what I heard and took advantage of the free session she offers.

I found out It wasn’t as burdensome or as costly as I thought. Julie and the whole office really made it as painless as possible.

Even though my estate isn’t very large, it was a good feeling knowing my wishes will be honored when the time comes.  Everyone there really took good care of me, including the wonderful food package I received when the plan was complete.  I want to thank Julie very much.

               -Charles S.

My husband and I first heard of Julie and the Legal Pathways team at one of their presentations at our public library. We are relatively young and do not yet have any children so we were not 100% sure we needed to get involved in estate planning just yet, but we were curious to learn more. We now have our home, assets, accounts, and health directives squared away. Most importantly, we have peace of mind in case the unthinkable were to happen.

Julie and her team manage to be both professional and inviting. From our very first meeting with them we felt comfortable because they treat you like family, not just like a client. Julie and her team are really knowledgeable and work hard so that you don’t have to. The whole experience for us was simple and quick. What we like most about working with Julie and the Legal Pathways team is that no matter what, we know they will be there for us and ready to help us through any future changes.

-Laura and Bryan S.

When my husband went through major surgery this year, we realized we needed an attorney to work with us on our advance directives, powers of attorney, and wills.  Friends referred us to Julie Richardson.  She even came to us in our home for our convenience.

Julie spent several hours answering questions and thoroughly explaining about all the documents and never seemed rushed.

She was warm, personable, knowledgeable, and very professional.

We would highly recommend her to anyone planning their estate.


Steve and Katie L.

I am very pleased with the estate planning I received with attorney Julie Richardson.

She made things simple.  The staff members are friendly.  They make you feel important regardless of how small or huge your estate/bank accounts are.  That’s what you call human touch!   Legal Pathways is highly recommended…

               -Leila M.

We’re very satisfied. The way we were treated by Julie and the team at Legal Pathways is very personal. We like the fact that it’s a flat fee, not by the hour. We feel that we can trust all of you.  Very good job!  You explained everything very well. You’re available and we can call any time. We’ve been talking about this for years and now it’s done.  We’re so glad we did this.

               -Carol and Frank S.

I was real happy with her service.  I feel like I got very good advice and the whole office was just so friendly. The reason I got into it to begin with was that when my brother died, we were left in a big mess and found out how awful that can be. I was not going to do that to my family. I’m so happy and my family are all thrilled that we’ve taken care of this.

-Helen A.

I met Julie and her staff through the [Modesto] Chamber [of Commerce] and set up a consultation with her to find out more about setting up a will or a trust, since it’s something my husband and I knew we needed to do.  The meeting with Julie was very informative and definitely opened my eyes to the importance of securing our assets for our children, so they wouldn’t have to deal with the probate courts on top of mourning our loss.

Being from the corporate world, I knew how attorneys charged and sent itemized bills for every phone call, email or fax and I know that those fees can add up very quickly.  Legal Pathways has an open door policy and a flat fee for their services and I can email or call her as often as I like without the fear of a huge bill coming in the mail and she and her staff respond promptly, which I love.  It’s very personal and I feel like I matter to them.

The process moving forward was exactly how they told us it would be.  I would recommend that anyone that doesn’t really understand the difference between a will and a trust to meet with Julie and her staff to truly find out the importance of why you should protect your family and your assets.

I would definitely recommend Legal Pathways to anyone wanting to set up a family trust, I’m certainly glad we did.

-Carol and Mike S.

We recommend her.  She knows her business and everything looks good. She’s organized and available.  Everything was handled very smoothly and she knew what she was doing.  No headaches.

It was nice to get it done and put our information together for our children.

-Ralph and Jeraldine G.

We’ve appreciated the work that Julie has done for us.  It was very professional and efficient, and we’ve been pleased with her service. We appreciate her service and her organization.

               -Lonnie and Paulette J.

Thank you for this special gift and for helping with our future! You and your staff are Awesome!

-Michelle O. (via Facebook)

I liked her professionalism and how she is very personal about everything. She could answer all of the questions that I had for her. She and her team have done a very good job on my plan. I am very satisifed with the work that Julie provided. I’m very pleased that she was recommended to me, especially since I don’t live in area!

-Sharlyne A.

I liked how comfortable I felt with her from the moment I heard her speak. She answered every question I had about my estate plan. She gave off the impression of such an honest and bubbly person. Julie has such a beautiful personality.

I’ve made two changes on my estate plan before with other attorneys, but I was never left feeling comfortable until I made changes with Julie.

The whole staff is very honest and good at keeping their word, especially when it came to the prices. Other places would add on more charges, but once a price was set with Julie, it never changed.

Now that my plan is complete, I feel comfortable knowing that I don’t have to worry. I got exactly what I wanted.

Yolanda S.

Julie’s work is from the heart, not for the money. The way her and her staff cared for me meant so much.

I’m just exceptionally pleased with Julie and her staff. She went above and beyond to give me more than I expected. I will refer everyone I know that will benefit from an estate plan. I feel safe and I feel that my kids don’t have to worry about what I’m leaving behind. I feel secure for my kids.

               -Evelyn S.

Julie is great and puts everything into perspective. She’s humble and she makes it to where I can understand everything she is talking about without any confusion.

When I see the trust put together in the binder, it makes me feel happy that the future with my kids is more secure.

I would highly recommend her and have talked to people about her work. It’s important to have a plan of some sort and Julie makes it easier to understand why it’s important.

               -Veronica C.

Julie was personable and everything was easy to understand. We felt important, taken care of and overall happy with the service we were provided.

The plan looks great and we feel a sense of relief that everything is in place and overall in order. We can now go on vacation in peace knowing we have a plan that works and is set up how we wanted.

               -Beverly and Ron B.

I liked that Julie was kind and thorough, taking the time to answer all my questions and concerns. I feel relieved to have my plan complete.

-Victoria F.