Life Insurance: What is it, and Should You Have it?

09-17-2019 Life insurance, a contract between an insurance policy holder (you) and an insurer (company), can be a good way to secure the financial foundation of your loved ones in the event that something tragic happens, causing your untimely death. Depending on the contract specifications, the insurer will pay a beneficiary, designated by you, a sum of money if you … Read More

What is Power of Attorney and Why Do You Need It?

09-10-2019 Simply put, a legal document called a “power of attorney” is a written agreement for someone (an agent – a person or persons designated by you) to act on behalf of another person (a principal – you) in personal and business matters. A person usually wants to delegate a power of attorney (POA) in the event that he or … Read More

Family Estate Planning in Modesto, CA

08-27-2019 Hello, I’m Julie Richardson, a graduate of U.C. Berkeley Law School, and owner of Legal Pathways, an Estate Planning Law Office. I have 17 years’ experience as an attorney, and offer will and trust planning in Modesto, CA. As a divorced mother of a 10-year-old, I know the importance of protecting your loved ones by being prepared in the … Read More